contains the envato statistics (sales & earnings), and the site analytics (visitors and visits).


Contains the messages sent from the contact form.

Admin can send new message, reply existing message, delete and mark the message as readed.


Admin can Add, Edit and Delete Unlimited Skills to his Profile.


upload a personal image as avatar and upload banner (banner will appear if there is no slider items).


add items to slider contains uploading image and slider url and slider title.

Social Networks

a list of famous social networks to add yours.

Portfolio Categories

the categories of portfolio which portfolio items are categorized or related to.


add, edit and delete unlimited portfolio items; title, image, url and details.


1- SEO Setting

  • Profiler Url : self-Generated url to the script folder.
  • site title, site description, site keywords : a custom meta data for the search engines.

2- Profile Setting

  • Profile Title : your name or your organization or company name.
  • about : a line or a sentence about you.
  • contact info : your address details, phone numbers .. etc. ( will appear in contact page).

3- Mail Setting

  • Send Mail Method : there are two methods to send email.
    a) mail() function which is the simple way to send emails in php.
    b) SMTP using (swift_mailer) which send the emails using SMTP method.

to send using SMTP you should fill the SMTP options Fields :

  • SMTP Host : usually is mail.domain.com Or smtp.domain.com
  • SMTP Port : usually is 25
  • SMTP username : your Email
  • SMTP password : your Email’s Password

4- Template Setting

  • Site Theme : choose your theme from the list of themes.

5- Blog RSS Setting

  • Blog RSS Url : your blog rss link to display the latest posts from your blog or site in the home page.
  • Blog Posts Number : the number of the posts that will be shown in your home page.

6- Envato Marketplace Setting

  • Envato Api Key : the envato api key can be found in your setting page at any of envato marketplace sites e.g: http://codecanyon.net/user/username/api_keys/edit.
    it will be used to display your sales and earning in the dashboard page.
  • Envato Username : envato’s registered username
    it will be used to display your envato’s items in the profiler homepage.
  • Envato Items Number: the number of envato’s items whick be shown in profiler homepage.

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