10 Outstanding JQuery Slider Plugins

JQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. Indeed, almost every website depends heavily on jQuery. No wonder that web designers all over the world have found jQuery to be such a critical tool that the importance of jQuery image and content sliders to modern web design cannot be overstated.

While there’s nothing better than to code your own slider to your customized requirements, this is both relatively difficult and time consuming.

So it really helps if you could get some the coolest existing jQuery Silders Plugins and work with them.

With these plugins, you’ll get a much better idea of the codes being used, which helps greatly in case you wish to code from the scratch. We discuss some of the best jQuery Sliders Plugins, which you may use immediately to create some really fabulous web designs. Do read on!

Basic jQuery Slider

Basic jQuery Slider - jQuery Sliders

This free plugin is not only simple to use, customize and to theme, but also very lightweight. It does not have too many features, and is quite minimal, so that designers can use it to customize very quickly and easily. It has as many as 17 options to customize, and requires jQuery, plugin js and plugin css to function.

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layerslider - jQuery Sliders

LayerSlider is one of the best selling jQuery multi-purpose slider plugins, which is just terrific for creating some of the finest slideshows, image galleries and content sliders. It comes with over 200 preset 2D as well as 3D slide transitions. It’s completely mobile devices friendly as enables multiple layouts, responsive modes and touch gestures, besides enabling the highest performance using the Lazy Load technique. It’s highly SEO friendly and comes with as many as 13 built-in skins, plus with the ability to customize appearance and behaviour. The designer may add any content, such as, images, text. YouTube videos or any self hosted HTML5 content to the LayerSlider as well.

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Flux Slider

flux slider jQuery Sliders

Flux Slider is another great option for a free jQuery Slider plugin, which is supported by all important browsers and top selling mobile devices. Both 2D and 3D transitions are supported by this. It comes equipped with as many as 6 options and 7 methods to navigate through images. The drawbacks with the Flux Slider are that, it has poor hardware acceleration, which makes it a little jerky on devices that run on Android, and it runs only on CSS3 supported browsers.

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Royal Slider

royal slider - jQuery Sliders

One of the easiest jQuery image gallery and content slider plugins, which comes with a responsive layout, animated captions as well as touch support for mobile devices, Royal Slider is one of most popular jQuery slider plugins available. It uses thumbnails, tabs and bullets for navigation and uses the best of HTML5, CSS3 transitions for animation. It may be used as an image slider, HTML content slider, gallery, video gallery, slideshow, banner rotator, video gallery or even as a presentation. The Royal Slider is highly stable, accessible and high performance based, and can be used on almost any device without a hitch. It is very fast as it doesn’t come with too many transition effects, and also because it excludes the non-essential stuff from JavaScript.

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WOW Slider

wow slider - jQuery Slider

A freely available jQuery slider plugin, which as it’s tagline suggests, is just an “awesome slider for non-coders”. It comes with some really beautiful skins and one would be amazed with its killer effects. It is highly responsive and works great with most mobile devices because of its terrific touch and swipe suppprt. It is very friendly for search engines, and works well on CSS3 supported browsers.

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unoslider - jQuery Sliders

UnoSlider is a jQuery content slider plugin that is very popular for having UNLIMITED transition animations. It is also great with all mobile devices as it is touch enabled, and comes with a mobile optimized interface. It is highly responsive, and works on all major browsers, even on older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7. It also comes with many cool animated layers.

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Likno Web Scroller Builder

Likno Web Scroller Builder - jQuery Sliders

Likno Web Scroller Builder is an excellent application with a WYSIWYG interface, which is just great for creating jQuery content sliders, image sliders and video sliders, both horizontal and vertical. The great thing about it is that it is absolutely free and still supports many population methods such as DIVs, UL/LI, XML, RSS, Flickr and Picasa. It comes equipped with several sets of navigation bars, bullets and arrows, as well as with several pre-set examples. It also has exemplary sliding effects and an excellent touch support which enables it to work well on most mobile devices. It can work on most browsers as well because of its highly adaptive cross-browser and cross-CMS capabilities.

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jQuery Carousel Evolution

jQuery Carousel Evolution - jQuery Sliders

This is one of the top selling jQuery plugins that creates a most powerful carousel slider using an HTML markup. It supports an excellent screenshot slider, and is terrific for image and YouTube or Vimeo based videos. Also available with it is a very utilitarian API, which really adds on to the functionality of the carousel. It creates as many as 9 different styles of carousel, and also creates a fantastic shadow image automatically. It is also highly SEO friendly and supports almost an unlimited number of images. Navigation is very simple and efficient.

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Camera Slider

Camera Slider - jQuery Sliders

The great thing about this free jQuery Slider plugin is that it comes with more than 30 highly customizable options, and gives excellent support for multiple skins. It also has 4 callback functions and gives excellent support for date attributes.

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Fancy News

Fancy News - jQuery Sliders

Fancy News is an outstanding jQuery plugin that helps you create an excellent news slider. It is all the more terrific because it’s quite affordable and moderately priced. It can be easily customized and is a pleasure to use. It is possible to add a limitless number of news items along with thumbnails if the news is short enough, and with an additional scrollbar, which is added automatically, if the news posts are long. You may also make use of your own RSS feed as well.

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