JQuery Plugins to Deal with Video

If you are you planning to add videos to your next project, then here is a list of some free jQuery Plugins that you can use into your web sites to display video.

Some useful JQuery Plugins that deal with videos

jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin

jQuery YouTube TubePlayer Plugin - jquery plugins

The TubePlayer plugin allows developers to focus on functionality as opposed to infrastructure around the YouTube player. The plugin also provides events that can be triggered on it allowing developers to create a customized player remote, programmatically control videos, gain access for analytics purposes and much more.

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jQ Youtube Player

jQ Youtube Player - jquery plugins

A JQuery/HTML5 based YouTube channel player that works on any browser, iPad and iPhone included.

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MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video Wrapper for YouTube and Vimeo API

MediaElement.js - HTML5 Video Wrapper for YouTube and Vimeo API - jquery plugins

To make the YouTube and Vimeo APIs easier to use, I wrapped the MediaElement.js shim structure around their proprietary APIs to make them feel like HTML5.

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Bootstrap video player

Bootstrap video player - jquery plugins

A customizable HTML5 video player plugin for jQuery based on bootstrap UI.

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jQPlayer - jquery plugins

The main features of this plugin include the ability to customize the player controls and the ability to choose different quality versions of the same video.

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FitVid JS

FitVid JS - jquery plugins

A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds.

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