Comments Scripts [the best of codecanyon]

I have bought over than 90 items from codecanyon marketplace, most of them are great pieces of code and scripts.
But when we come to compare the same-function items, it should be a kind of probability for one item to another’s debit.

in this Post, I will compare between comments scripts and arrange my items at the probability order according to me.

The Top Comments Scripts at

1- Comment Tree (13$)

comment tree - comments scripts

  • Easy to integrate with a registration system
  • Comment section automatically takes container’s width
  • Load more comments button to replace pagination
  • Create different topics that are universal on all your pages and don’t overlap
  • Includes 5 different themes to choose from


  • Comment preview
  • Replying to comments
  • Replies are shown in a tree
  • Editing comments
  • Deleting comments
  • BBCode
  • Users have to wait a certain period of time to post another comment to prevent spam

Voting system

  • Upvoting and downvoting
  • Comments with low scores are hidden
  • Tooltips on voting buttons


  • Editing comments
  • Deleting comments
  • Banning users

Demo & Details

2- eComments – easy commenting system (10$)

eComments - comments scripts

  • Ajax powered
  • Multi-page support
  • jQuery powered – less code, more speed, wider browser compatibility
  • 100% CSS3 UI
  • Quick and easy installation – 2-3 min
  • Quick and easy integration in your project – only a few lines of code
  • Can also be inserted using Javascript in static HTML pages – clean code
  • Easy to customize
  • No MySQL knowledge required – the app does everything for you
  • Client and server side validation
  • Fully sanitized data – Safe from MySQL injections
  • You can easily style the UI with CSS
  • Enable/Disable pagination system
  • Sort comments ascending and descending after date
  • Admin Panel for easy management of your comments
  • Step-by-step documentation included

Admin Panel Features

  • Enable/Disable comments moderation
  • Approve/Deny comments
  • Delete comments
  • Settings panel
  • Change the messages used by the application (Errors, Infos, etc)

Demo & Details

3- Ajax’d Site Comments & Discussions plugin (12$)

Ajax’d Site Comments - comments scripts
Features For Users

  • Allow users to comment on your site content.
  • Re-order comments on date, ratings, usernames.
  • Allow users to vote on comments.
  • Automatically hides low rated comments.
  • Supports Gravtar.
  • Linkify URLs on the fly.
  • An array of search options.

For Admins & Moderators

  • Allows setting up moderation queues.
  • Flood control to control spam.
  • Editing & Deleting of user comments by moderators.
  • Allows editing of user comments by moderators.
  • All user inputs cleaned for SQL injection + XSS attacks.

Demo & Details

4- Comment Anything — Facebook Style (8$)

Comment Anything - comments scripts

  • Ajax Based Comment Anything, no page reloads whatsoever
  • Dead easy implementation — just add javascript and a to load data into
  • Total Spam protection
  • Obfuscated commentor’s eMail addresses — avoid all spam
  • 100% Customizable view and layout (including all language data)
  • Gravatar support
  • Automatically resizing textarea for improved usability
  • Input elements text placeholders for better usability
  • Go minimal by disabling name and email inputs

Demo & Details

There are more comments scripts and plugins in codecanyon market but unfortunately I haven’t the chance to test them yet.

find them at

if you had bought any comments script from codecanyon, would you tell me if it is worthy to buy from your point of view.

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