There are two files to deal with Cronjob and both of them can be easily understood with the following explanation :

  • cron-feeds.php : which grab the content from defined rss sources and youtube channels.
  • cron-tags.php : which search for the tag word in Yahoo news, Bing news and Youtube.

to prepare a cronjob command to grab the feeds sources and youtube channels videos automatically :

enter the (Add New Cron Job) from your site’s CPanel

choose the common setting according to your server specifications. (we recommend to choose twice a day).
in the command input put

php -q /home/YOUR-ACCOUNT/PATH-TO-CRON-FILE/cron-feeds.php

substitute YOUR-ACCOUNT by yours; most times this value is like the domain name e.g: codecanyon, pluscss without www or .com etc.

substitute PATH-TO-CRON-FILE by the path that you have installed the script in relating to your web root.
e.g : public_html/aggregator_pro/

the command will be :
php -q /home/pluscss/public_html/aggregator_pro/cron-feeds.php

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