RSS Aggregator Script

RSS Aggregator Script helps you build your rss-based website easily.

depending on grabbing items from rss feed and storing it to database.

RSS Aggregator Script has many features such as :

  • easy to use control panel.
  • add, edit and remove categories.
  • add, edit and remove feed sources.
  • pin and remove feed items.
  • grab feeds from any type (rss or atom).
  • grab feeds manually or using cronjob.
  • using smarty templates to give an easy controll with the script templates.
  • very well documented and commented files (script files & templates files)
  • two ready to use ad spaces (HTML code or adsense code) with standard dimensions 728-90px and 300-250px.

Updates and Changelog

Version 2.113-9-2013

  • fix minor bugs.

affected files :

Version 2.011-9-2013

New Features come with version 2.0

  • friendly urls control (on – off).
  • three pagination styles (simple php – load more – infinite scroll).
  • archive calendar (browse posts by date) .
  • RSS for the new posts and for each category.
  • SEO-Compatible Sitemap.
  • 960 grid system templates.
  • moderated social links (facebook – twitter – facebook).
  • option to add google analytics code from setting page
  • new page (feed page)
Version 1.529-7-2013

  • upgrade simplepie php class to the latest version to support php 5.4 version hosts.
Version 1.424-7-2013

  • add a copy of script with rewrite friendly urls. (friendly_urls_script)

if you want to replace the old copy with the new one upload the following :
.htaccess (file)
category.php (file)
templates (folder)

Version 1.323-7-2013

  • improve the grab function.
  • fix some bugs.

affected files :

Version 1.222-7-2013

  • add new option in setting page (direct links) to point the item url to the source directly.
  • add new option in feeds page (feed source logo) apperas as default image when the item has no image in details
  • add more filters for Top Items Page (last hour and last 6 hours)

Upgrade Steps

  • unzip and upload the (rss_aggregator_script) folder content except include/config.php file
  • excute the two sql files :
    – SQL/upgrade_setting_table.sql
    – SQL/upgrade_feeds_table.sql
  • make the upload directory and upload/feeds_logos writable with the 0777 permissions.
Version 1.118-7-2013

  • fix some bugs in templates files
    affected files :
  • new theme added : responsive theme
Version 1.017-7-2013

Initial Release

If you need any customizations or modifications to this product (RSS Aggregator Script) please contact us to get a quote.

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