Setting Page

  • SEO Setting : is used for the search bots. fill it with your details. dont forget to separate the Keywords with commas ,
  • Display Setting : is used to define the site template and the number of items in home page, top hits page and category page, also in v2 it contains the friendly url option and the pagination styles and the capability to display rss and control the number of rss items .
  • Social Setting : You Can Add Your social networks profiles easily.
  • Ads Setting : There are two ad spaces in template with standard dimensions of 728-90 px and 300-250 px. (you can insert a HTML code or Adsense code).
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code.

Index Page

contains simple statistics about the feed sources.

Categories Page

control the categories Add, Edit and Delete.

Add Feed Page

  • Source Title : this field value is the title of the website or the part of website that the feed is derived.
  • Feed Source Url : the absolute url to the feed link. ( for feeds, the script add ?format=xml to the end of feed url automatically. )
  • Source Category : you can’t add feed source before adding at least one category.
  • Items Per Grab : the number of the feed items that will be grabbed every time.

Feeds Page

To grab a Feed Items manually, just click on the ajax link (Grab Feed Items) behind every Feed Source Title.

Feed Items Page

You can (pin – unpin) items; make the item stick to the top list of items in category page.
You can (delete – restore) items; the script doesn’t delete the items from database. just hides it. (you can get the deleted items by clicking on Deleted Items link)

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